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CCT is proud to partner

MSC Software

CCT has joined forces with MSC Software, a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services. In doing so, CCT will not only be providing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solution, but CCT will also be strengthening engineering expertise and provide the best multi-physics tools to the industry.

The demand for solutions to energy problems continues to grow, which underlines the significance of reducing energy consumption in the context of architecture lifecycle. SHINRYO CORPORATION has made remarkable achievements in the field of air-conditioning system design, which is crucial for solving this energy issue. They have introduced a way to incorporate CFD into their BIM system. This has equipped their engineers with the design tools needed to optimize air-conditioning systems.

Using many different media, the Lion Corporation delivers useful tips and advice about how to effectively use everyday household and health care products for better living. scSTREAM is used for fluid analyses to improve the reliability and quality of the information communicated. Using scSTREAM capabilities to animate the results has made their recommendations more convincing.

Swiss startup, WayRay is best known for developing the first-ever holographic AR navigation system for cars. Dr. Maksim Aleksandrov, CAE Engineer at WayRay, sheds light on how the R&D team has applied scSTREAM to the development of the holographic navigation cooling system.

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